We have a variety of highly trained and competent medical staff ready to assist you!

 Angela 150x180Angela Hughes- FNP

Angela works with whole families to assist them in find ways they can work together in improving their health choices and lifestyles. Angela enjoys educating families about health promotion and disease prevention in order to assist people in developing the skills they need to stay healthy. Angela is particularly interested in women’s health issues. Angela finds that working with a variety of patients and assisting individuals feel better and improve their lives is very gratifying work.



Zeimantz_Stephen 150x180Steven Zeimantz- FNP

Steven enjoys providing quality care to all age groups. Steven is actively involved with community support and developing resources to assist with health outcomes, particularly for veterans. When Steven is not working, he enjoys spending time outdoors and being with friends and family. Steven identifies his clients and the staff he works with as being the reason Family Care Clinic is such a good place to work.



Doug 150x180

Doug McVey- PA-C

Doug has many years of experience working with families to improve their health choices. Doug is interested in assisting individuals establish lifestyles that promote health on all levels; physically, developmentally and behaviorally. Doug enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family when he is not working. Doug feels that his coworkers and being able to offer options to help patients make the decisions to maintain their health and lifestyle are the best things about his job.