Community Spotlight

Time spent practicing purposeful creativity is associated with many perks, including benefits to mental health. This week, we will be featuring a local artist each day on Facebook and Instagram. Along with their featured work, each artist will talk about why they create, and we will explore the benefits of creativity on mental health.

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Congratulations on making the decision to feel and live better!Family Care Clinic 4

Our medical staff follows your care closely. Our psychologist, physician assistant, medical assistant, and family nurse practitioner are here to help. Our staff can work hand in hand with your family physician or other health care provider. If you need a physical or require specialized medication management for your emotional well-being, our qualified professional staff is here to assist you.

If your situation requires counseling services or community based rehabilitative programs, we work closely with some of the highest quality providers in the Treasure Valley. We can also provide a variety of other support services as needed. Please ask us if you have any additional questions about our services. All major insurance plans are accepted, including Medicaid and Medicare. Options are available for everyone, regardless of ability to pay.